Daniela's Ombre Hair

Daniela's Ombre Hair

A current trend that has been taking place is Do-It-Yourself tutorials. On social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest  there are tons of hashtags, videos and photos of DIY experiments.You name it and there is a DIY tutorial already posted on the web from gardening, cooking, crafts, nail art, studding and hair styles.

Ombre hair is a coveted look these days mainly because of the low maintenance and trendy look it offers. I had my hair ombred last year after seeing a picture of Minka Kelly’s bottom half highlights and falling in love with the look.

Maintaining my ombre was simple and only had to have it toned a few times to cut out any brassiness.

My hair regime was easy as well. I used sulfate-free shampoos to avoid washing out the color and Moroccan oil on the ends of my hair to keep it moisturized.  From time to time I would also use a conditioning hair mask to help any damage I may have caused to my hair from bleaching it.

Though it was easy to maintain, it cost me about $180 to have it done. I also had to get it redone following the initial dying because it wasn’t the color I asked my stylist for.

The typical ombre consists of lighter at the bottom with dark long roots. It’s a hair trend that has gained much attention dating back two years ago, when celebrities started popping up with two-toned colored hair.

After watching several YouTube DIY at home ombre tutorials my friends and I decided to ombre our roomate, Daniela’s hair. It saved Daniela both her time and money. This hair style is a bit pricey to achieve in salons, usually costing around $150 or more. For us it only cost about $10.

Celebrities that inspired the ombre hair for Daniela was Lily Aldridge, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Biel and Drew Barrymore. All of these ladies have gorgeous two-toned color hair. Ombre hair is perfect for brunettes that want highlights in their hair without all of the maintenance of upkeep.

Daniela also got the idea of doing it your own ombre hair by watching a YouTube video. The video gave Daniela a step-by-step breakdown of the ombre process.

Daniela had dark long brunette hair. What she wanted was a blended ombre, with blond highlights at the bottom. We bought hair dye from Target, set up a mini-salon in our bathroom and began to test out the bleach on hair extensions. We let the dye sit there for about a half and hour.

Next, it was time to start dying Daniela’s hair. We brushed the bleach into her long brown hair and let it penetrate for about 15 minutes. After, we realized it was a little bit too dark on the ends of her hair for the ombre style so we reapplied the bleach strictly on the ends. We let the dye sit on for another 15 minutes.

Lastly, we washed out all the remaining bleach from Daniela’s hair. We then began to blow-dry and style her hair to see what it really looked like. The final result perfectly matched a salon-look without the salon price!

The moral of the story is that there are so many things you can be saving your money on by doing it yourself. Today with the Internet there are many resources that offer simple DIY tutorials that will save you money and time.

Next time, you are compelled to buy a new fashion trend or new hair style, research online first to see if you could manage to do it on your own, you may surprise yourself.